The Wuzzles was a shortlived cartoon on The Disney Channel in the eighties, and was based on a popular toyline. It starred a group of comical hybrid animals and the notorious Croc living in the land of Wuz. The show only lasted thirteen episodes. A second season was planned, but never happened.

The show's theme song was done in a blue-eyed-soul revival style popular at the time.


  • Rhinokey- a goofy character, half monkey and half rhinocerous (but mostly monkey with rhino horns)
  • Hoppopotamous- half rabbit, half hippo (mostly hippo but with buck teeth and bunny ears). She is easily annoyed.
  • Butterbear- half rabbit, half butterfly. She is very kind. She is mostly bear, but has butterfly wings and antennae with flowers
  • Bumblelion- half bee, half lion (mostly lion)
  • Moosel- half moose, half seal (mostly seal, but with antlers). He was voiced by the late Bill Scott, whose passing was the reason for the show's cancellation.
  • Eleroo- half elephant, half kangaroo (mostly kangaroo, but with an elephant trunk)
  • Croc- a crocodile/dinosaur hybrid and the antagonist of the series
  • Brat- half boar, half dragon. One of Croc's henchmen
  • Frizard- half frog, half lizard. One of Croc's henchmen

Controversy Edit

The Wuzzles are described in the theme song as "living with a split personality". The term "split personality" is no longer considered politically correct because of its association with dissociative identity disorder.


The show has been found on DVD, but these may be fraudulent releases by third-party sellers.


In one episode, Croc tries to get Rhinokey ticketed for speeding by changing the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 155. This plan backfires as Croc instead receives a ticket for going too slow. In reality, police officers would recognize such vandalism and Rhinokey would've gotten a ticket. Going too slow only results in a ticket provided the driver is holding up traffic.