TaleSpin was a Disney Afternoon cartoon on the Disney Channel in the eighties starring the characters from the classic Disney animated film The Jungle Book. It was set in the 1930s, and starred Baloo as the pilot of a cargo delivery plane.


  • Baloo- the joyful bear from the Jungle Book, who pilots the Sea Duck expertly as he delivers his shipments.
  • Kid Cloudkicker- Baloo's twelve year old sidekick who uses a metal device to "sky surf" of sorts.
  • Rebecca Cunningham- Baloo's employer who runs the Higher for Hire shipping company. She is easily annoyed.
  • Molly Cunningham- Rebecca's six-year-old, easily-excited daughter
  • Shere Khan- a notorious business executive whose illegal schemes Baloo has to thwart. He was one of the villains in Jungle Book. He is voiced by the late, great Tony Jay
  • Wildcat- Baloo's dimwitted mechanic
  • Don Carnage- the French leader of the air pirate brigade. His last name is pronounced in the mock-French "car-nazh".
  • Louie- an orangutan who runs a tropical drink bar. He was the king of the monkeys in Jungle Book.

Video GamesEdit

TaleSpin video games have been released to the NES, TG16, Genesis, Game Boy, and Game Gear:

  • The NES version is a scrolling shooter, albeit with Baloo being more than twice the size of the Sea Duck (likely to better identify that it was indeed a Tale Spin game). This game is considered superior to the Genesis game.
  • The Genesis version is a platformer.


  • Launchpad McQuack of Duck Tales was originally going to star in this series.
  • Despite being set in the thirties, the characters still act as if the series was set in the eighties.
  • The name Tale Spin is a play on tailspin, which is a type of descent in aircraft (often resulting in a crash).
  • Popular internet reviewer Nostalgia Critic dedicated an episode to the Disney Afternoon block. While he mostly praised the series, he found Molly to be annoying and commented why The Jungle Book didn't get a show proper. (It did actually get its own show in 1996.)