Schoolhouse Rock! is a cartoon series where educational lessons are taught using songs. A popular sketch is 3 is a Magic Number, where the number is taught through the cartoon accompanied by a folk song sung in a Bob Dylan style. When released to DVD, a new cartoon was added which taught about the Electoral College. This was done in light over the controversy surrounding the 2000 Presidential Elections, where the Electoral College had reportedly gone against the popular vote (according to Wikipedia, the results were almost a tie for both). This was accompanied by a cartoon about how the voting system works. The show debuted in the mid seventies, but was added to One Saturday Morning in 1997. Another popular sketch is Conjunction Junction, which uses a train theme to teach about the words "if", "and", and "but". There is also I'm Just a Bill, which teaches about how bills become law. The topics were math, grammar, American history, science, money, and geology.

VHS and DVD Edit

The show has been released several times to VHS and DVD.

Musical Edit

A Broadway musical called Schoolhouse Rock Live! debuted in 1996.