Sabrina, the Animated Series was a cartoon starring the middle school years of Sabrina from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. As Sabrina is younger in this series, she was not voiced by Melissa Joan Heart. The show debuted on One Saturday Morning.


  • Sabrina Spellman- a middle school witch trying to act normal, but occasionally letting her powers control her life, which gets her into trouble.
  • Salem- a former wizard who was cursed to spend the rest of his life as a cat. Acts as the voice of reason in the show while providing comedic effect once in awhile. He is named after a famous city in Massachusetts where witches were hanged or burned.
  • Hilda and Zelda- Sabrina's older sisters who watch out for her, but live typical teenage lives. They are both voiced by Melissa Joan Heart. The name Zelda also being that of a main character in a popular Nintendo video game series is likely a coincidence.
  • Uncle Quigley- Sabrina's cheerful great-uncle. He watches the house, and is mortal. This indicates that Sabrina is half-mortal.
  • Chloe Flan- Sabrina's best friend.
  • Harvey Kinkle- Sabrina's other best friend. He is an average middle school boy, but does not know that Sabrina is a witch.
  • Spookie Jar- a genie living in Sabrina's kitchen. He is often used to solve dilemma's, but usually with nearly catastrophic results. The name is likely a pun on "cookie jar", in which the genie lives.


  • In one episode, Salem finds the lost lyrics to Louie Louie, a song famously performed by the Kingsmen. This version had nearly-incomprehensible vocals, leading it into countless satire thereafter.
  • One episode was dedicated to the late, great Gary Owens, and even featured him.