Pepper Ann was the story of a seventh grade girl trying to live a normal life. It debuted on One Saturday Morning.


  • Jennifer "Pepper" Ann Pearson- the star of the show. She is in seventh grade and has auburn hair. She is also Jewish. Her nicknames are "Peppie" and "P.A.".
  • Nicky Little- Pepper Ann's best friend. She is a blonde.
  • Lydia Pearson- Pepper Ann's mother.
  • Margaret Rose "Moose" Pearson- Pepper Ann's very masculine little sister.
  • Milo Kamalani- another friend of Pepper Ann. He is African-American and wears multicolored clothes and a stocking cap. He speaks like a surfer dude.

Specials Edit

Chanukah- Pepper Ann celebrates her Jewish heritage.


Each episode had a different ending for the introduction, similar to the Couch Gag at the end of the intro to The Simpsons.