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Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers was a Disney Afternoon cartoon on the Disney Channel starring classic Disney characters Chip and Dale as detectives.


  • Chip- the leader of the Rangers. Dresses like Indiana Jones. Takes his job very seriously.
  • Dale- the goofy member of the Rangers. Has a red nose to distinguish from his brother. Wears a red Hawaiian shirt.
  • Monterey "Monty" Jack- a fat, Australian mouse. Is an old sailor with an obsession for cheese. Even the smell of cheese will put him into a trance, leading him to the source. He is named after a type of cheese.
  • Gadget Hackwrench- a female mouse who acts as the mechanic of the Rangers.
  • Fat Cat- the diabolical main villain of the series. He is a fat grey cat wearing a maroon shirt.


  • There is a ride in Toontown themed after the show. It is called Gadget's Go-Coaster, and is the only ride left in Disneyland themed after a Disney Afternoon show.
  • In one episode, there is a cult of mice whose life revolves around Coo-Coo Cola. They are hypnotized by a catchy jingle for the cola, and they dance the way the people in the commercial do, and even bathe themselves in the cola. Despite it being called a "cola", however, the soda is actually orange, grape, and cherry flavored. There is no cola flavor (the fact that there is a "cherry cola" may be a coincidence). The name of the cola may be a reference to Coca-Cola, however.
  • Fat Cat has the obsession of controlling all appliances in the world. In one episode, he mentions that he wants to control Cuisinarts. This is a brand of kitchen appliances whose name has become a genericized trademark for food processors.
  • Chip 'n' Dale were originally named after a brand of furniture named Chippendale.

Video GamesEdit

Two games were released to the NES and one for the PC. The NES titles are platformers with a two-player co-op feature.


The show is available on DVD.

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